Gabor aka “panopeeper”… a great and well respected man, Rawnalyze author. RIP.

Dave Anderson

Those words — “great and well respected man” -resonated with me. I did not know Gabor personally but some who did spread the word of his demise, fanning out from this thread. His username there was “panopeeper” thus the alias. I first heard of it when Joseph S. Wisniewski posted about it in the open talk Forum here(I do not frequent the Canon forums). It is very sad to hear of someone so helpful and generous passing, even if I reaped the rewards of his generosity without ever having met him. Rest in Peace Gabor, and thank you for your great achievement of creating and distributing such a valuable tool(Rawnalyze) that furthers the understanding of the workings of digital photography.

I realized that I had a later version of Rawnalyze than Joseph did so I put it on one of my servers and posted a link. Shortly after that, Richard Krenn sent me an even later version. I have scanned both files both with McAfee Viruscan Enterprise 8.5.0i and PC Tools Internet Security then generated MD5 checksums of each file, then zipped each file with its MD5 and generated MD5s of the resulting zipfiles. If all of that just sounds like so much gobbledygook, suffice to say that I am ensuring that anyone can verify at a later date whether the files they have are the same as the ones I am hosting here. This cuts both ways. If anyone can show that these files have been tampered with we have a way of identifying the tampered version. If these are not tampered with then we have a good reference point. Please, if you have your own copies of any of the versions listed below and you get a different MD5 than I did, please contact me ASAP so we can figure out what’s going on.

Having said all of that scary stuff, I am highly confident that version below has not been tampered with. I downloaded it myself from Gabor’s site.

The download links and MD5s for follow:
$ md5sum -b Rawnalyze_2.10.1.0.exe
b94df7febb61857ed2fc85260f99920e *Rawnalyze_2.10.1.0.exe
$ md5sum -b
08549fec0099ab39d24f9c4bd85bdc96 *

The version was emailed to me by Richard Krenn shortly after I posted the link for, and I decided that I had better come up with a clear and unambiguous way to communicate where to find which version. More on that in a second, for now here is which I virus-scanned just as thoroughly:

The download links and MD5s for follow:
$ md5sum -b Rawnalyze_2.10.3.0.exe
f6d7e2086fd628e31a28b783bed15204 *Rawnalyze_2.10.3.0.exe
$ md5sum -b
9cc4b0a680d6432717063582b315bf95 *

The version was emailed to me by Alexey Danilchenko on 8/28, here it is scanned, tested, checksummed and packaged as with the above versions. Thanks Alexey!

The download links and MD5s for follow:
$ md5sum -b Rawnalyze_2.10.4.0.exe
843f829e61a7bcef06cbf7febeec374c *Rawnalyze_2.10.4.0.exe
$ md5sum -b
28bc19df17727f6b672453fb9f7c092f *

Charles Vassallo posted a link in comments to a mirror that he put up of the Rawnalyze documentation. His copy of the documentation can be found here.

So, there is no way of knowing at this time what the future of Rawnalyze is. Hopefully development can progress, because each new camera model in the future that has an unexpected RAW format not handled by Rawnalyze will diminish the usefulness of this tool until it fades away. I really don’t want to see that happen. I am posting this message into a skeleton of a blog that has not been fully styled yet, and there are still some occasional glitches since I have this blog and site wrapped around SmugMug. It’s not pretty yet as I am still working on the underpinnings and haven’t spared much thought for the aesthetics. Please don’t take the rough look to be an indication that I’m not serious about sticking around. The site and domain are paid up for 5 years. :) If you link to this blog be sure to leave off the “www” or the link will just lead to a SmugMug error page. Later I will make it easier for people to find their way back to this page.

So, one final note. I really don’t want anything from this, other than for people to be able to access what was freely given, by Gabor. It is my sincere hope that Joseph or some other good soul will pick up the pieces and move Rawnalyze forward. Should that transpire, this page will become obsolete and I will gladly cooperate with the new owner of the IP to update it with links that point to Rawnalyze’s new home. Until then, I’m happy to host any new versions that are found and pass the same level of scrutiny as the above.

4 Responses to “Gabor aka “panopeeper”… a great and well respected man, Rawnalyze author. RIP.”

  • Charles Vassallo Says:

    Because Rawnalyze is massively keyboard-driven, I am afraid that it cannot be used without a complete documentation ; as far as I know, only the text of this doc is available through the archive sites, not the illustrations.

    For my personal convenience, I had downloaded the Gabor pages by the end of 2008, in order to make them a bit more easy to read. I now make them available again at

    Maybe other people will find them useful. I have slightly modified the presentation but the Gabor original text is complete. Of course, all the links towards the original website do not work. Also, maybe I missed the last changes in these pages.

  • Guillermo Luijk Says:

    Gabor did a great job with this analyzing tool.

    I met Gabor in the LL forums, and felt a deep respect and admiration for him and his knowledge regarding digital photography.

    Unluckily I couldn’t know more about him personally.

    Dave, do you have some email address I can contact you? thanks.


    • Dave Anderson Says:

      I will be adding a contact for in the next week or two… I’m trying to avoid spam so don’t have my email address posted at this time. Contacting you offline…

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