Added Minolta Bellows Lens Manual

Dave Anderson

As part of the groundwork for some posts I’ve been working on, I have posted my scans of the Owner Manual for Minolta Micro Bellows 12.5 f/2 and 25 f/2.5 lenses. There is also a link to that page in the “Useful Links” section in the main menu above.

2 Responses to “Added Minolta Bellows Lens Manual”

  • Peter Says:

    Hi Dave

    I appreciate your work to scan the manual. I’m also a owner of one of the lenses, but without a manual.

    And want to ask is it possible to scan the manual with a little more resolution? Especially the “Close-Up Table” page is difficult to read when downloaded.


    • Dave Anderson Says:

      Hi Peter,

      I have added a link to the page that displays the manual pages. The link is to a zipfile that contains the manual pages at about half of the scanned resolution, 2000 pixels wide. Hopefully this is more legible for you.

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