Aug 23 2010

Gabor aka “panopeeper”… a great and well respected man, Rawnalyze author. RIP.

Dave Anderson

Those words — “great and well respected man” -resonated with me. I did not know Gabor personally but some who did spread the word of his demise, fanning out from this thread. His username there was “panopeeper” thus the alias. I first heard of it when Joseph S. Wisniewski posted about it in the open talk Forum here(I do not frequent the Canon forums). It is very sad to hear of someone so helpful and generous passing, even if I reaped the rewards of his generosity without ever having met him. Rest in Peace Gabor, and thank you for your great achievement of creating and distributing such a valuable tool(Rawnalyze) that furthers the understanding of the workings of digital photography.
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